Toll Free Dialup - Budget Dialup

Supported Systems
- Windows XP
- Windows 2000/NT
- Windows ME
- Windows 95/98
- PDAs
- Windows CE
- Pocket PC
- Palm OS
- Macintosh v.7 - v.10
- Linux/Unix
- Cell Phones

Toll Free Dialup - Budget Dialup

Toll-Free Internet Access from Budget Dialup, Inc.

Simply create your account by clikcing on Get Started and connect to: 1-888-413-7028 from any where in the USA and Canada.

Designed specifically for travelers who need Internet access on the go. Simple access to the Internet from any where in the USA and Canada at any time. We have the same low rate of only 4.8 cents per minute from USA and Canada. There are no sign-up or monthly fees. The time can be used at any time over 365 days

A must have Internet Access option for travelers:

  • Simple - No software required
  • Use it from the privacy of your room
  • Never pay another phone charge
  • No need to carry a list of thousands of local numbers
  • Easy set-up, just use on of our toll-free numbers
  • The 800 access number is available from the US and Canada.
  • Use from Hotel Rooms, RV Parks, Truckstops, Airports
  • Use with: Laptops, PDAs, Palm, PocketPC, Macintosh
  • The ultimate backup ISP-use our 800 number anytime you need
  • Send and receive email from your usual email account.

Friendly, 24/7 toll-free technical support-answered by a person, not a machine.

How do I use Budget Dialup's 800 dialup service?
Budget Dialup provides up to 56k access to the Internet on a per-minute basis (metered Internet). Create your account from this web site. Setup a dialup connection with your account information to our Toll-Free number. Upon your connection simply open Internet Explorer or Netscape and start browsing. It's that simple!

With our Toll-Free Internet Access, you buy time when you want to, not on a regular schedule. There are no hidden fees or surcharges. The time purchased rolls over month to month for up to one year.

>>TIP: When accessing the Internet with Toll Free Dialup, You never have to change any settings on your laptop or PDA, regardless of the city you are calling from.

- 24/7 customer support
- 56k, V.90, V.92
- No busy signals
- No advertisements, no spam

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